About Resilience Life Coaching


  1. the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

What is Resilience Life Coaching?


Each session is One Hour over the phone. I have many packages and options to suit your needs.

Coaching is a partnership.

I am 100% focused on you and your success.

My life coaching sessions help you navigate through life’s challenges by reaffirming your value in yourself. They are 100% confidential.

Navigation through challenges

Coaching topics we cover:

Goal Coaching

Energy Block Coaching

Resilience Coaching

Self-Esteem Coaching

Confidence Coaching

We take a deep dive into:

  • who you are
  • what you stand for
  • what you don’t stand for

You will:

  • Learn your values and your non-negotiables
  • Talk to someone you can trust in a judgement-free zone
  • Create realistic goals

Do you always communicate what you mean and how you feel?

How satisfied are you with the level of power in your life?

My coaching programs will help you understand how valuable you really are, and we will build you up and you will put plans and goals into action and enliven your creative and intuitive sides.

Resilience Life Coaching

How do you feel about your own worth and value, especially in the face of others?

Do you speak up for yourself?

I help people locate their inner power and recognize their greatness so they may have a fulfilling and peaceful life. These people go on to live by example and inspire others to embrace their own greatness.

You are of immense and immeasurable value.

The things that hurt and challenge you make you stronger.

Know this – you are powerful beyond measure. 

The Universe works to support you and build you into a masterful being. Take ownership of this – take steps toward claiming your power.

Who is Susan?

I am Certified in Life Coaching from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA)

I’m currently attending iPEC, the International Coach Federation (IFC)-accredited coach training school to complete an additional 300 hours in Life Coaching certification.

I am an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

What have I discovered?

I am strong. I am resilient. I create my own life. I am in charge of how I show up in life. Every problem is actually an opportunity for growth. Every challenge is put there for me to become stronger, wiser and to open my heart up further, and to reach my full potential. Every person I encounter brings with them a learning experience. Life is about evolving and growing.


You really create your own life. You don’t need to be a victim of your circumstances.

Are you or have you been a victim of:

  • verbal abuse
  • abusive relationships
  • extreme fear
  • shyness/hiding
  • shame
  • feeling down/stuck/trapped
  • feeling knocked down and beaten up by life

With my life coaching program you will:

  • Realize your high value
  • Recognize your skills
  • Claim your power
  • Set yourself up for success
  • Embrace yourself as an empowered being

I used to feel like a victim, but in fact, I was just in training to become resilient and confident.

Your experiences are your education – use them for strength.

You will stop feeling like a victim – you will realize you never were a victim – you were just in training.


Resilience Life Coaching assists you in dealing with life’s challenges and helps build your confidence muscle. It strengthens your sense of self-worth.

My life coaching program is highly personalized for your own individual transitions.

During coaching with me, you will identify your strengths and I will offer you fresh perspectives.

You will gain Clarity and Focus.

Happiness isn’t just meant for other people

A coaching commitment between you and I is a partnership and it’s an investment in you.

We will plan for your success and you will see progress from week to week, and month to month.




The true you is perfect in it’s own way.

Appreciate Life on Muddy Earth.



Life can be messy. The Universe provides interactions and events in your life when you need them.

Challenges are opportunities to open you up, to shed another layer of mud off of you and for you to grow toward the light.

stop doubting.


It is your time to shine.sun2

You Are Not Alone


Every Life Has a Purpose

We Are All Connected


Success is Possible and Within Your Reach