I promote conscious living; living with awareness of our actions, and having the foresight to live and act in such ways that do not cause harm to ourselves or any other living creatures.

We are all a piece of the fabric of reality and we get to choose what we weave into existence. Will your thread be one of harm? Or will you weave a compassionate thread and live mindfully while understanding and accepting the responsibility of your presence on this planet Earth?

Sue is a writer, researcher and animal enthusiast.

A Word On Autoimmune
I have psoriatic arthritis, a degenerative autoimmune condition that is lifelong, debilitating and chronic. In PSA, the body’s immune system attacks otherwise healthy joints and skin, causing pain and swelling.
I love to bring the condition of PSA into awareness. I don’t need everyone to know about my daily pain, but if some know, it is helpful. Sometimes I might need help opening up a bottle of iced tea, or I may walk with a limp or I might need assistance carrying something.
Awareness of invisible disabilities is crucial for those of us who struggle with challenges each day. Just know that every one does not have full use of their joints and they may at any given moment be in great pain.
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Sue Larose
I am a Certified Professional Coach from iPEC, the International Coach Federation (IFC)-accredited coach training school.

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I have over 400 hours in Life Coaching training and practice.

I am a Certified Yoga Therapist, RYT 200 hours.

I am Certified in Life Coaching from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA)

I am an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)


I am also trained in over 200 hours of Classic Hatha Yoga where I learned the benefits of Insight Meditation and the art of discipline with a consistent Yoga practice.

I encourage compassionate living.