#eagle #pain #passion

Today an unexpected surprise occurred while I was driving. I saw something huge flying over the street and I knew I had to slow down to see what kind of glorious beast was in the sky. A gorgeous bald eagle landed on the top of a telephone pole right in front of me. I had to stop and pull over.

When I see an amazing raptor like this, I lose all sense of everything. Time doesn’t exist, and I just become my acute senses and my mind quiets. The outside world crumbles and blows away and nature and me are one thing. And I just observe this beautiful creature in amazement. This is where gratitude kicks in and I become grateful that this eagle chose this street to fly over and this pole to rest upon.

Even my pain doesn’t exist when I see this eagle. If you find your passion in life, this will help you with pain. Any kind of pain, physical or emotional. Find out what makes time stand still for you. It’s an instant cure to my disease, and if it is only a cure in that moment, I will take it. The next hour I experience in life might have pain in it. But at this moment, it is just the great Eagle and me and nothing else matters.

What do you do that stops time?

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