Mindful Monday

What intention have you set for the week?

It’s Monday and a start to a fruitful week.

Set an intention. What do you want to accomplish this week?

What first step did you take today to get to your goal?

Try this:

By Friday of this week I would like to: ________________________________

Examples: Lose 1 pound, hit the gym 3 times, began Chapter 1 in my book, have that difficult conversation (with my boss, spouse, friend), Have more fun, be more present, eat healthier…What’s yours?

Mine is Lose a Pound

Choose your goal _______________________________

Take your first step TODAY – Monday.

Babystep it. Start NOW.

What did I do? 30 mins on the spin bike. What did you do?

Let me know!


Reshape your belief system

A belief system is malleable.



We can reshape what we believe – into something that supports and encourages success.

(You also get to define what success is for you. You don’t have to follow others definitions of success.)

We ARE influenced by outside purposes, but we can RESHAPE!


You have more power than you think.

Oh wait, why would you want to change your beliefs?

Because some of them HOLD YOU BACK.

In Life Coaching, we call them LIMITING BELEIFS. Do you know what your limiting beliefs are? Do you want to find out?

I can help you. Shoot me an email: susanlifecoaching@gmail.com




Become a Leader in Life

Are you the best leader you should be? Could you be better?
The Energy Leadership™ Index Assessment is an extremely VALUABLE assessment tool that will give you a snapshot of which energy levels you access on a regular basis and also during a stress reaction.
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#Judgmentfree #Safespace

Don’t you notice that people are so quick to give you advice? Instead of allowing you to fully express yourself and stand in your truth, they toss in their judgments and opinions and tell you what they think you should do. Or maybe they say ahh, it isn’t so bad. And doesn’t that just leave you feeling worse or leave you feeling that no one understands? Well a life coach does not do any of that. We give you a safe space to be authentically you. A judgement free space, an opinion free space. A space that is all yours. I hold a mirror up to you I tell you what I see reflecting back. All of the amazing things that you don’t maybe see. I listen to you and I hear you. I validate your truth. I help make sense of the thoughts and the feelings that are coming up for you. Your best friend doesn’t always do that. Your parent doesn’t always do that. I don’t diagnose you, I don’t tell you what to do, or even what I think you should do. You come up with all of your solutions and answers. Life coaching is a highly specialized process that helps you gain clarity and focus on what makes you happy in life, and we hold you accountable when you go for it.

You can contact a life coach if you:

  • Need clarity
  • Want to accomplish a goal
  • Are feeling frustrated
  • Are feeling stuck
  • Want more out of life
  • Want to be the best version of yourself
  • Want to lead a fulfilling life



Huge Announce! #colorstreet #nails #lifecoaching #followyourdreams #psoriasis #psoriaticnails #nails

Yes, I am still a life coach and will be forever. Yes, I am pursuing everything I adore. Am I busy? Yes. But it is a good busy. It is a time flies type of busy. And I get to have awesome looking nails the whole time I’m doing it.

My new business venture is Color Street. I am an independent Stylist.

Especially a woman like me, with psoriasis, the Color Street nail strips are a dream come true. My nails are dented, sometimes pitted and all around not nice to look at. And going to a salon to overpay for painful gel nails isn’t too much fun, plus the integrity of the nail bed is compromised with filing. And the scorching blue UV light (Ouch!!!!!).

These nail strips are 100% nail polish, no vinyl, no adhesives. Just peel and stick and have amazing, shiny, glossy or glittery flawless nails for 14 days!!! And they are chip resistant. It’s a win win. And half the cost of salon gels and Do It At Home and it is EASY!! You are in control.


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#NewAge – Not for Me. #ActionOrientedGoals – Much Better

New age bullshit can really screw up the mind. Talk about the constant need and the seeking of knowledge and fulfillment that’s a never-ending cycle of want want want. About this law of attraction thing, well you can’t always get what you want all of the time, life doesn’t work like that. There’s nothing wrong with having a positive attitude and getting into creative visualization, but if you’re worried about how your mind is thinking all the time it can be an added layer of stress. Focusing on doing things that take you out of your mind is what helps me lead a happier life. Continually thinking about your mind and trying to lead all of your thoughts towards a certain way is too much mind maintenance and can drive you up a wall.

If I do the activities that keep me present and shut off the mind, I’m a much happier person and I am not thinking all the time.

The times that I do have quietness and solitude where I’m left to a thinking mind I choose to observe it and see what’s going on in there. There might be issues that I need to focus on. I spent years studying and practicing meditation and now I see meditation as just an observation of the mind. I’m not taking anything in there with me, I’m not taking a chant in, I’m not taking a word in, or an idea, I’m just watching and listening to what’s going on in my mind. An inexperienced meditator might experience fear and terror going into the mind…when things get weird, I get out! Take what you see in there with a grain of salt. We are like receivers, like a TV antenna. Our mind collects and stores all sorts of things, from TV images to things your drunk friend said, whatever. When you jump into a mind, weird stuff is in there, so try not to get too freaked out. I pay attention to the reoccurring thoughts, and then I journal on them out to see why they keep coming up. They may need some attention. That’s it. Nothing crazy, nothing mystical. Now you can have mystical experiences. But they are TEMPORARY. You may or may not have them again. So, I choose not to chase them. Or claim they are fact and real. It’s just a mind trip.

I respect the Buddhist thought of not getting attached to things and from that, this is where I am able to observe the mind with its thoughts and ideas and not get all caught up with it.

However, I’m about to touch on the Middle Road which means I also welcome passion and I am proud to say I am attached to my loved ones and pets.

I can take non-attachment to a certain level, but cannot apply it to all aspects of my life.

I’m so over yoga, but I am all about stretching and keeping my muscles active and strong. And I don’t want to study any deities I’m just sticking to one main God. I do love the story of Jesus and I don’t know how historically true it is but I don’t care because it’s what I grew up with and it’s what I know and I’m okay with that. I believe everyone should have their own belief systems and I wouldn’t want to change anybody’s. Sometimes when you’re all caught up in that new age stuff you try to attach meaning to minutiae. Like…the large crumb of my coffee cake fell on the sidewalk, because the “Universe” is telling me to feed the less fortunate by giving a portion of my meals to the hungry creatures of the world. Or whatever. I know this way of thinking because I lived it. I have to tell you that most of the time it’s a mind game.

A new-ager can coach you into a temporary feeling of magical thinking. A new-ager can also coach you into thinking they have all of the answers for you.

And you keep seeking, and you keep paying. And your bliss is temporary until you need your new age fix. This is like believing all what a psychic tells you. I must say though I have surprised myself with my own psychic ability, I believe we all have a touch of it. But I do not know everything all of the time. I’ll get bits of pieces of “psychic crumbs” and sometimes they are right on, and others, not so much.

In case you’re wondering about my psychic experiences, I’ll give you one. I was able to psychically know the name of a young girl that passed away on the property next door to my new home. The name kept coming to me all day. I also psychically “knew” other information that was completely validated by others. But I CANNOT claim to be psychic all of the time. No way. I chalk most of this up to intuition. And I encourage others to use and develop their own intuition as well.

I steer way clear of ever telling anyone what is going to happen in their future.

I don’t coach people based on New Age Thought. I coach people into Action. You have to be careful out there, in the realm of self-help. Some of these people get so full of themselves and believe they know it all, and rely and “spirit guides” and unstudied and untested concepts.

Be careful out there. And when you are ready to make strides toward your goals, hit me up and we will use some good old-fashioned motivation, and use tried and true methods to reach your goals and beyond.

I don’t give advice in my coaching sessions, but I do in my blog. Here’s my advice: Be an authority on yourself. Don’t blindly follow others with the promises of cures or bliss.

News flash: your answers come from you, no one else.

God Bless